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    A wee bit late today after a long day travelling, but- A Song a Week #25 is now available for listening on my YouTube Channel - this week it’s Going Home.
    Big sigh. Why exactly do people hate / feel threatened by Gaelic so much? Scottish people? It’s beyond me. Trolled since yesterday and I give up.
    It’s tiring reading all the anti- Gaelic posts, and mostly I skip over. This one made me think though. How about a list of reasons for sending a child to GME? 1. The amazing career opportunities available to Gaelic speakers... Who wants to go next? #thagàidhligbeo…
    A Song a Week #24 - O Mo Dhùthaich now available for listening on YouTube #òrangachseachdainn #ceòl
    A Song a Week #23 - Home on my Mind, now available for listening on YouTube

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