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    Song number 3 of my ‘Song a Week Challenge 2019’ is Bràighe Loch Iall. Head over to YouTube for a listen :) #ÒrangachSeachdainn #Ceòl #Gàidhlig
    This will be excellent!…
    A Song a Week #2 -Song for Yesterday now posted on YouTube #songaweek2019 #singer
    If you want a bit of an escape from political doom you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow my #songaweek2019 challenge. Songs posted every Sunday. Original, traditional, Gaelic and English songs that have a special meaning to me.…
    I’m doing a ‘Song a Week’ challenge over on my Facebook page (gaelicsingerrachel). Song #1 has been posted today, Bràigh Uige, a lament from Skye. Why not head over for a listen to the full track? #songaweek2019 #gàidhlig #ceòl

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