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    A Song a Week #41 - now available for listening on my YouTube Channel
    Lovely afternoon at @WHC_UHI graduation this afternoon, seeing all students graduate, especially our @WHC_Music students. Fantastic, perfectly pitched speech by @KateForbesMSP and moving & celebratory performances by NC / HNC Music students and our Rockschool pupils! #moiteil
    An amazing thing for this young girl to do. We don’t speak enough about periods - what is normal and what isn’t - as a result there’s a real lack of understanding, leading many women to suffer in silence, or simply feel too embarrassed to speak out or ask for help.#endometriosis…
    ***A Song a Week #40 - Your Song*** Now available for listening on my YouTube Channel- an attempt at a classic!
    As a parent whose children have bothe been through GME, I have seen first hand how Gaelic Medium teachers work extra hard to create their own resources, and overcome so many hurdles in their way, including a desperate lack of teachers. The recen comments by Highland Council 1/2…
    ***A Song a Week #39 - Cadal Ciarach mo Luran*** available on my YouTube channel for listening. A gentle Gaelic lullaby 🎶

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