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    Excellent job opportunity here!…
    This looks like a brilliant night! Unfortunately can’t make it, but do go if you can, and for a brilliant cause. 💃 🕺…
    Rachel Walker
    Bliadhna mhath ùr dhuibh uile! Happy new year! May 2020 bring you contentment and peace. Xx
    ***A Song a Week #52 - Farewell*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel! The last of my Song a Week challenge, thank you all for your support!
    There are so many fantastic Gaelic speaking actors and actresses in Scotland. If a production wants Gaelic as part of their film / series / program, why on earth can they not use local talent rather than try to teach pigeon / token Gaelic and ultimately get it wrong? #Gàidhlig
    It’s 10am, no one else in the house is up yet and I’m eating chocolate for breakfast while reading Margaret Bennett’s new ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’ book. Boxing Day win!
    If you find Christmas difficult, if you’re on your own, or just want to enjoy some lovely chat, this amazing thing is happening. #joinin…
    Rachel Walker
    Nollaig Chridheil dhuibh uile! Tha mi’n dòchas gum bi là sònraichte agaibh an diugh. Merry Christmas! I hope your day is filled with love, peace and happiness. 🎉🌟 xx
    A Song for Christmas Eve, recorded a couple of years ago xx 🌟
    ***A Song a Week #51 - Ciùin an Oidhch’ / Silent Night*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel! Nollaig Chridheil! 🎄🌟
    Rachel Walker
    Friday night at the @TheBarrowlands Glasgow. Enjoying the moment. Thanks to @KBlairMatthews for the pic.
    ***A Song a Week #50 - Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel. Fifty weeks gone already!
    Another lovely night!…
    All the lights for Western Ocean and I get to conduct! Thanks @itzandroo…
    Pretty good night! 🎶🎉…
    Rachel Walker
    The famous @TheBarrowlands for tonight with @Skipinnish 🎉
    ***A Song a Week #49 - Thoir mo Shoraidh thar Ghunnaidh*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel Only a few weeks of this challenge left- who wants Christmas songs?
    Rachel Walker
    Tha, gu dearbh!! 🐱 Get yourself onto @ScotsGaelicDuo The Gaelic Duolingo course if you’re not already there, for some handy phrases (including whether or not you’re wearing pants..!)
    Looking forward to hearing Arthur on Saturday night (And James and Wilma of course!)…
    Will be lovely to be singing again this weekend! A deanaibh fiughar ris an oidhche seo 🎶…
    ***A Song a Week #48 - Streets of London*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel
    Seall seo! Time to get learning! Easily accessible and at a speed to suit you. Siuthadaibh! #Gàidhlig #Duolingo…
    Really sorry to let you know that I’m unable to sing as part of Gaol no Gonadh at the @blasfestival later this week as my daughter is unwell in hospital. Huge thanks to the wonderful @MargretStewart for standing in at such short notice, the concerts will be fantastic! #duilich
    ***A Song a Week #47 - Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn*** this week especially for @pineapplepiseag now available for listening on my YouTube channel
    Another upcoming gig to look forward to, this time at @ccfest. All upcoming performances are on my website…
    ***A Song a Week #46 - Dimming of the Day*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel Not many weeks of this challenge left now! Thanks to everyone who has been listening! #òrangachseachdainn #songaweekchallenge2019
    ***A Song a Week #45 - An Eala Bhàn*** For Remembrance Sunday - now available for listening on my YouTube channel.
    Rachel Walker
    Will be singing at @blasfestival at the end of the month as part of ‘Gaol no Gonadh?’, presented by the wonderful Jo MacDonald and with songs and music from @herringtweets. 27th Nov - Glenelg, 28th Nov - @EdenCourt, 29th Nov - Achmore & 30th Nov Fort William. #Blasfestival2019
    Rachel Walker
    Dealbh le @itzandroo bho oidhche sòraichte math aig @GCHalls còmhla ri @skipinnish. Mar is àbhaist, bha e a còrdadh ruim a bhith a seinn còmhla ri Seumas Greumach 🎶 #gaelvember
    Air leth toilichte gum bi mi a seinn aig Fèis Bhlas aig deireadh a mhios! #blasfestival #gaolnogonadh…
    A deanaibh fiughar ris an oidhche seo!…
    ***A Song a Week #44 - Little Sir Hugh*** Now available on my YouTube for listening. Remember to click expand for full info.
    Rachel Walker
    Tha mi air bhioran gun do thòisich mi an clàr ùr agam an-diugh aig @StMarysSpace - Ceòl agus òrain ùr a tighinn. #gaelvember #ceòl
    Read this thread. Be kind and listen, and if someone is brave enough to say something to you, don’t judge.…
    ***A Song a Week #43 - Smeòrach Chlann Domhnaill*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel. remember to click on the expand button for full description & links to lyrics and recording.
    ***A Song a Week #42- An Roghainn*** Now available for listening on YouTube. Remember to click the wee triangle on the left below the video for full explanation & links to lyrics / translation!
    An ceilidh as fheàrr den bhliadhna air @BBCRnG an dràsda, còmhla ri Mòrag Dhòmhnallach agus @beinnlee - Èist an seo...… #ceòl #gàidhlig @ModGhlaschu2019
    A Song a Week #41 - now available for listening on my YouTube Channel
    Rachel Walker
    Lovely afternoon at @WHC_UHI graduation this afternoon, seeing all students graduate, especially our @WHC_Music students. Fantastic, perfectly pitched speech by @KateForbesMSP and moving & celebratory performances by NC / HNC Music students and our Rockschool pupils! #moiteil
    An amazing thing for this young girl to do. We don’t speak enough about periods - what is normal and what isn’t - as a result there’s a real lack of understanding, leading many women to suffer in silence, or simply feel too embarrassed to speak out or ask for help.#endometriosis…
    ***A Song a Week #40 - Your Song*** Now available for listening on my YouTube Channel- an attempt at a classic!
    As a parent whose children have bothe been through GME, I have seen first hand how Gaelic Medium teachers work extra hard to create their own resources, and overcome so many hurdles in their way, including a desperate lack of teachers. The recen comments by Highland Council 1/2…
    ***A Song a Week #39 - Cadal Ciarach mo Luran*** available on my YouTube channel for listening. A gentle Gaelic lullaby 🎶
    ***A Song a Week #38 - An Innis Àigh*** Now available for listening on my YouTube channel
    Went to @VodafoneUK Inverness today for help with an account / discontinued handsets which are now dying. Rude, unhelpful service, obviously wished he was somewhere else. Would have bought new handsets but came away with nothing. Not one helpful answer or attempt to be polite.
    Rachel Walker
    Sigh. So beautiful tonight at the Commando Memorial. Time to stop and appreciate.
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